Light Up Your Dreams with AISA!


ALPS INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (AISA) is established with a view to transforming today’s brilliant students in to tomorrow’s confident citizens and well appreciated scholars & leaders of the society by imparting the best possible training from well experienced masters in a state-of-the-art infrastructure with a special focus on personality development of individual student.

Now AISA has come up with a completely new touch for all IIT-JEE, NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS & CA/CS/CMA aspirants in the region. Cracking a national level competitive examination is all about your perseverance, endurance, learning ability, time & stress management and a burning zeal to conquer the peaks of success. Yes.. LET’S SURMOUNT SUMMITS!

The difference between a successful person and the others is not a lack of strength or knowledge, but lack of will, guidance and mentoring. AISA ensures its students get the best faculties for mentoring them in the right ambience that facilitates the best learning experience. AISA strives to establish our campus as a benchmark in quality education and academic standards. An immaculate system of administration at our institute ensures implementation of the curriculum impeccably.

AISA is dedicated to bring out the best attributes in all individual students   with extensive training for the competitive examinations strictly in accordance with a well-designed curriculum and well established teaching methodology and pedagogical research. AISA gives ample emphasis on creating awareness in critical areas, complete solutions with daily assignments, expert suggestions to students. The interests and aptitude of students are given top priority and periodic counselling sessions would help students identifying and chasing their passions and careers.


ALPS INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (AISA) is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible for our students; indoctrinating the best demeanour in them, boosting their will to endeavour in pursuit of excellence, nurturing talent, aptitude and habit of perseverance among the students to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the field of competitive examinations.


ALPS INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (AISA)’s vision is to be an esteemed leader in the field of Higher Secondary Education in Kerala and Integrated Coaching for Entrance Examination for Professional Courses all over India with a special focus on personality development of each student.

In pursuing this vision, ALPS INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (AISA) strives to fulfil the following Institutional Objectives:

  • Offer a dynamic, interactive education environment that engages students in the learning process
  • Provide constructive feedback corrective measures to promote student self- assessment and motivation
  • Provide clear learning outcomes, detailed instruction, and assessment for all courses to ensure course mastery and student success
  • Utilize technology to create effective modes and means of instruction that enhance teaching- learning process



The core values are a set of principles that are aligned with ALPS INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (AISA)’s mission and guide the practice and development of curriculum, faculty, students, and staff.


Foster a learning environment that promotes responsible, principled behaviour which respects the dignity of all members of the community.


Conduct all activities in an ethical manner. Commit to practices that are fair, honest, and objective in dealing with students, faculty members, staff, and stakeholders at all levels of the community.


Strive to ensure that the curriculum delivery and support services respond to inquiries, requests, and concerns in an appropriate and timely manner.


Provide educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve information literacy, career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership, and service to the community.