Hostel/Boarding Facilities

  • AC facility will be provided in the hostel rooms with a view to make the students focus more on studies in a stress- free environment.
  • Separate well equipped & hygienic hostel facilities for Boys and Girls with CCTV surveillance.
  • A hostel is like a family of students with the superintendent as the head. The superintendent of the hostel acts as the father of a family. Students develop a sense of friendship and fellow feeling. They read, play, dine and sit together.
  • They do not get any scope to neglect their study. ALPS INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (AISA) provide the opportunity to make lots of friends and enable them to get adapted to the new environment. They are built in serene locations, which give fresh air and peaceful place to learn.
  • A watchful eye is kept on students from the morning till they go to bed at night. The team of security personnel in campus goes for a vigil round the clock.