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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET Exam Preparation

Posted on: 23 Nov 2021

All students who prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) have great aspirations of qualifying in the first attempt. Though they might work extremely hard, yet they may not qualify for the NEET exam for a few reasons. Probably, there are some mistakes they made while preparing for the exam.


Let’s go into these reasons so that in future students do not make such mistakes and achieve their career dreams easily and quickly.  But before we begin, for those who are wondering what this is about, here’s the lowdown.


Reasons Why Students Don’t Clear the NEET Exam


1. Not Clearing Doubts Well Before the NEET Exam

This is a big mistake as you’re never sure of all that you study. A lingering doubt that does not get solved is counterproductive to your studies and can be one great cause of your failure. So, don’t be hesitant about having even the tiniest problem solved the moment you come across it.


2. Not Studying from NCERT Books

It’s well worth studying Biology and Inorganic Chemistry from the NCERT books for NEET. So, don’t ignore them. Considering that 70% of the NEET exam syllabus is contained in NCERT books, it makes sense to study from those textbooks too.


On close observation, you might note that several questions are directly or indirectly drawn from NCERT books, so again ignoring these books will not be a good idea. Also, solved examples from here are extremely important.


You may choose to study from a few books of some publishers, but don’t neglect NCERT, as it contains a wealth of information for you.


3. Avoiding Analysis; Depending Largely On Mock Tests

Students erroneously think that by taking the free mock test for NEET, they will prepare better than by studying from the best books for NEET preparation. So, they spend more time solving these tests and very little time on understanding each chapter. While this might work well in the initial chapters when the difficulty level is low, in the advanced stages, they will find it difficult to solve questions requiring a better knowledge of the subject.


The correct way of preparing for NEET is to fully understand each chapter before actually attempting mock tests. When you understand the basic concepts well, you will be able to answer questions from each topic.


Students also do not analyse their mock test performances. Once you receive the results of a test, you should have it analysed by your mentor to see where you’re going wrong and how to improve your performance.


4. Cramming Answers

While solving NEET previous years’ question papers, perhaps there were questions you couldn’t solve. It might help you to cram answers for Biology, but you can’t do this for your Physics and Chemistry questions. Instead, rework the concepts, revise the relevant chapters and take the test again.


5. Not Taking Notes During Classes

Students also prefer not to take notes during sessions but regret this when they are forced to revise entirely from their packages. Notes are important for doing quick revisions.




With sincerity and hard work, you can crack any exam, not just the NEET exam. So, don’t be bothered by all that people around you say. Study sincerely, have no doubts about your studies before the date of the exam, give it your best shot and be optimistic about the results. Good luck!!