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Why AISA Talent Search Exam 2022 - A Perfect Start?

Posted on: 17 Jan 2022

There is good news for all you students aspiring to become a Doctor or an Engineer. AISA is back with the biggest scholarship exam – AISA Talent Search Exam which helps students to take the first step towards their dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer by providing them with an opportunity to get up to 100% Scholarship and Cash Prizes.


It is an initiative by AISA to give worthy students a fair chance to prepare and work towards success. This scholarship exam intends to enable the most deserving students to achieve their goal of becoming top professionals by providing them with affordable coaching and giving them this once in a lifetime opportunity to succeed. This year the examination has taken another turn with its online mode.



Main advantages of AISA Talent Search Exam 2022:


  • Get up to 100% Scholarship
  • Know your potential at All India Level
  • Fabulous Cash Prizes



Here are the things you must know about AISA Talent Search Exam 2022:


1. Eligibility: For Ongoing 10th Standard Students


2. Scholarship: For AISA Talent Search Exam, you get a chance to win up to 100% scholarship and also cash prizes.


3. Equal opportunity to all: AISA is conducting AISA Talent Search Exam 2022 as an opportunity to all of those students who need the scholarship to boost their performance in competitive exams. AISA is providing this great opportunity so that deserving students never feel that they were deprived of good quality education to fulfill their dreams.


4. Best Guidance: At AISA, we understand that all of you have great potential but might not always have access to the best provisions for a well-guided learning experience. Therefore, with AISA Talent Search Exam we provide you the right platform with the best guidance from our expert faculty.



Highlights of AISA Talent Search Exam 2022:


Eligibility                           : For Ongoing 10th Standard Students

Examination Fee               : Free

Exam Mode                       : Online

Exam Date                         : 22nd January 2022(Saturday)

                                            29th January 2022(Saturday)        

Exam Time                         : 5pm - 10pm (IST)

Last Day for Registration    : 20th January 2022 





All you students out there who have a dream to become a Doctor or an Engineer, this is your chance. Do not wait any longer. Take the first step to success. Enroll for AISA Talent Search Exam 2022, a unique scholarship exam and move a step ahead to achieve your goal.